A Yacht with a Long, P​restigious History

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The Admiral's Barge has carried Celebrities, 

U.S. Presidents, and European Royalty

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For more than 1/2 a century more than 20 Presidents of the Naval War College have used the Command Cutter, or Admiral's Barge as their flagship and to entertain distinguished visitors. It has carried U.S. and International Secretaries of Defense and Navy, Chairmen of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chiefs of Naval Operations and Fleet Commanders.

Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, King Constantine of Greece, and Secretaries of State Dean Rusk and Dr. Henry Kissinger have all been guests. In addition to its ceremonial role, the vessel has also served as a Ready Rescue Boat in case of emergency.

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A Timelessly Designed Vessel with a Legendary History

The Admiral’s barge was designed by Ed Monk. 

The Philadelphia Naval Shipyard built the vessel in February 1957 to the plans of the 50′ Area Command Cutter. Made of oak with double planked Alaskan Cedar sides and mahogany super structure. The original design included a 50-caliber machine gun 

on the forecastle. 

Extensively rebuilt from 2015 to 2018, all systems brought up to current Coast Guard safety standards. Of the three vessels that were built to these specifications, this is the last remaining example. 

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Mission Statement 

To preserve and share the history of the Naval War College 

while providing our guests with a memorable, once in a lifetime experience!